”Thanks so much for a brilliant show last night. It’s a real testament to the professionalism of everyone involved that so much was achieved in just one very busy day! It looked and sounded fantastic, which given the limited rehearsal time is a minor miracle.”

Guy Freeman, Executive Producer, BBC Events

”Thank you for a splendid concert on BBC One last night. It really captured the best of the night and the spirit of the event. And it was nice to see it get such a good audience.”

Jan Younghusband, Commissioner for Music and Events, BBC

”One of my best-ever theatre experiences, and I wasn’t even there…My congratulations to the broadcast team; camerawork, vision mixing, lighting and sound were impeccable… what an achievement.”

NT Live Feedback via email

Just back from the STREETCAR screening in Reykjavik. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, beautiful and engaging. Great shot choice and rhythm throughout, Fabulous sound.”

Benedict Andrews, Director ”A Streetcar Named Desire”

It was a creative triumph. It was a technical triumph. It was a major innovation. It was – and really felt like – an event in the world, and an intervention in the national conversation.

John Hay, Commissioning Editor, Arts Channel 4 Television (about ”The Vote”)

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The Truck

Our large-format location recording vehicle has been specifically designed to produce audio for the largest shows with clarity, style and reliability. The inside has been designed to make the most arduous of tasks straightforward, and has been involved with some of the most prestigious shows of the last few years. Particular care has been taken with redundant systems and power distribution. There is a 6KW UPS on board that can run the truck for 30 minutes in case of mains power interruption. Every piece of technical equipment has either dual power supplies or is fed from a source transfer switch with two independent inputs.

Applications: • On-site music recording, duplication and transmission • On-site track-lay and archive • Live web-casting • 5.1 post-production • TV Hub • Large scale TV mixing • Radio studio mix and transmission • Mobile remix facility • Location dubbing facility • Control room for any recording space.

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Derig Systems

We supply systems based on the same renowned Studer mic amps as used in the Mixbus. These are connected via fibre to a remote recording system featuring two separate multitrack recorders for redundancy, along with extensive routing, clocking, monitoring and timecode facilities.  The systems come in blocks of 48 for analogue signals, or 64 for MADI splits. For non UK recordings, we have systems that can be carried as hand luggage. We use equipment of the highest reliability and quality, and all our systems are pre-configured and tested off site. We also advise on audio facilities, communications and acoustic problems, and offer a design service for technical and non-technical end users. Special package deals are available – please contact us for more details.

Portable TV control rooms

When there’s no room for a vehicle but you need highest quality facilities, we have the solution. Based around a field-proven version of the Studer Vista that sits in the Mixbus and the same PMC or Barefoot Sound speakers, we can build a TV or radio control room almost anywhere. TV-specific items such as SpotOn audio playback systems and Cedar noise control are also available on request. For cinema transmissions, we have live Dolby Digital encode/decode facilities.

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